Jardin Benjamin TRINIDAD, its tranquility will make you fall in love

Hostal Jardín Benjamin TRINIDAD is a modern family home. It is located in a very quiet and open area, with pleasant neighbors and little traffic, near the Baseball Stadium.

Very nice, bright and intimate. Well furnished and comfortable. One of its strengths is its nice backyard, with a good garden. If you like gardening, you can enjoy it and take care of the plants as if it were your own garden. There are tools for it.

The rooms
Large, comfortable, equipped with everything you need to spend a pleasant and comfortable stay. Air-conditioned with modern air conditioning and fans, large windows overlooking the garden, lots of light and all the privacy you need. Both bedrooms have very good (and nice) bathrooms. The beds are made with vintage, antique linen sheets. Wide beds and quality mattresses. A small terrace allows guests to enjoy a reserved outdoor space. They have a safe, hairdryer, minibar and armchairs.

Cocktails: delicious drinks and cocktails are prepared based on rum and natural juices.
Breakfasts: generous (continental type) and healthy (all natural and organic, if possible). It is recommended to book them together with the accommodation.
Lunches and dinners: family cuisine, Cuban flavors and fresh, seasonal products. Good dishes, abundant and with generous garnish.

The hosts
They are fluent in English, French and native Spanish. They also prepare cocktails and other traditional Cuban drinks at the request of their guests.